7500 (2019), Dir Patrick Vollrath, Amazon Prime Video: 5*****: Matthew Alicoon

7500 (2019), 5*****

Dir Patrick Vollrath

Amazon Prime Video

Running Time: 92 minutes

Review: Matthew Alicoon, Sunday 21st June 2020

7500 is the feature length directorial debut from Patrick Vollrath. The film takes place mostly inside the cockpit of an airplane and it follows a terroist hijacking taking place on the plane and how the pilot Tobias Ellis (Played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) handles the situation.

The use of the one location in the film is reminiscent to other moves such as Buried and Locke where the setting actually drives the film, as what 7500 does is sustain an incredible amount of tension throughout. It truly has you on the edge of your seat. Also, it felt more grounded as if this was to happen in reality this could be a very accurate depiction of how events like this could play out.

Also the movie demonstrates the effectiveness of low-budget filmmaking. It cost $5 million to make and it just shows how a compelling and riveting story can be done with a minimal amount of money to work with.

This was Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s first film since 2016 and it was a superb comeback for him. One of his all-time best performances, he really carried and elevated the movie. Also, Omid Memar was a brilliant supporting actor, especially towards the end where there was some incredible acting shared between these two actors.

7500 is a nail-biting thriller that feels very realistic and it tackles its subject matters well such as prejudice and extremism.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tobias Ellis

Omid Memar as Vedat

Murathan Muslu as Kenan

Aylin Tezel as Gökce

Carlo Kitzlinger as Michael





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