A Christmas Carol – Polka Theatre, from 18 December 2020.4****. William Russell.

There are lots of versions of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol around but this one devised by Polka Theatre aimed at children over four is in a class of its own. The story is told by Ian Nicholson in a toy theatre in which the action takes place. It is short, the ghosts of Christmas are never too scary, Nicholson is a charming and friendly story teller and Dickens’ message comes across loud and clear. There are also some jolly tunes to speed it along.
It is available free on the Polka Theatre newsletter so get searching, sit the kids down and for half an hour or so there should be peace, perfect peace.

Written and Performed by Ian Nicholson.
Designed by Samuel Wilde assisted by Sally Edwards.
Music by Jim Whitcher.
All you need to is google Polka theatre and you should find their newsletter.

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