An exciting new film project – anyone for crowd funding?

Matthew Alicoon, one of ReviewsGate’s regular film reviewers is now a final year film student at Birmingham City University.  He and his peers are looking for crowd funded support for a major project.  Matthew outlines the project below.

Pick a Card – Crowdfunding Campaign: Matthew Alicoon

We are proud to announce our third and final year production entitled ‘Pick A Card’. We could really do with your help to ensure we get to make Pick A Card the way we think is most impactful. All 6 of us are a group of Birmingham City University BSc students specialising in Film Production Technology.

Plot Synopsis of Pick A Card: A psychological drama involving magician Apollo who seeks counsellor Dr Franklin’s help after his colleague’s death which is making Apollo hear voices when he performs. Apollo explains to Mr Franklin how his career has taken a turn for the worst and how he feels he is declining as a performer. Will Apollo be able to open up and truthfully reveal what he is experiencing?

Importance of the film: With mental health being in the spotlight. We want to showcase how someone can be troubled at any given time no matter what their profession is. It is okay not to be okay. Through our lead character’s (Apollo) journey we aim to show how opening up and talking to others can be beneficial for someone’s mental well-being. Long term, we think the sentiment of the film can be carried to any film festival by having a wide appeal with our subject matters.

Thematically, Pick A Card will examine the notion of what it means to leave a legacy on your craft. The film will examine truthfulness through looking at how an industry can take its toll on Apollo, as well as the mental health impact it has on Apollo. 

Pick A Card was inspired by a handful of different productions including – 


Inside No 9


Mr Robot

The Prestige

Here is the website link to our crowdfunding page where we can all make a real difference together. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated, as everything all counts. Let’s make Pick A Card a film we can all be proud of together.—a-short-psychological-drama

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