Angelic FIRSTS return.

Islington’s Little Angel has provided many young people with early experience of theatre and puppetry. In the second of their spring FIRSTS Festival they are looking to bring new companies and shows for all ages to light and rt a reasonable price. All at:

Little Angel Theatre 14 Dagmar Passage N1 2DN 10-22 March 2014.The 2014 FIRSTS Festival takes place from 10-22 March with each of the five selected companies getting two nights on stage in front of an audience at the Little Angel. The companies are all fully professional and the work they produce can be for adults, teenagers or children. All tickets are only £5 to encourage new audiences to see these new companies as they make their debuts.

A big part of the scheme is the support and mentoring offered by the theatre for six months, both before and after the performances. Every department is available to help and advise both on the creative process and on press, marketing, tour booking, admin and finance, technical and fundraising. If, as we hope, venue managers and tour bookers snap them up, we will have all shared in the companies’ success.

A measure of this success is that three of the five productions from the 2013 FIRSTS Festival have had a future life:

**Old Saw’s TOMTEN secured a nationwide tour from Jan-April 2014 including Little Angel.
**Dotted Line’s THE ENGINEER’S THUMB was further developed and was part of SUSPENSE 2013.
**Sparkle & Dark’s KILLING ROGER played at the Underbelly in Edinburgh, the Bristol Puppetry Festival and SUSPENSE 2013 with funding from the Wellcome Trust and there are further plans to tour this year.

The companies and productions taking part in FIRSTS 2014 are:

11 & 12 March 8pm
Sort of Theatre presents
Joni is a puppeteer; Dana is not. Dana is Jewish; Joni is not. This is a show about their journey to Auschwitz together and the stories they discovered on the way. Using live performance, spoken word, shadow puppetry and object manipulation, Dana and Joni seek to retrace and honour the memories of the victims and survivors in a poignant and meaningful way.
Suitable for age 14 and above.

14 March 5 pm, 15 March 11am.
Tiny Light presents
The only childrens’ show in the Festival tells the story of Mrs. Stanley’s cat. Left in the care of Linnet, the cat grows to be enormous. Linnet does not know where to turn as she must shrink the cat back to his normal size before Mrs. Stanley comes home. This charming show celebrates the upheaval in a little girl’s life when she simultaneously acquires a ravenous cat and a new baby brother.
Suitable for ages 4-7.

16, 17 March 8pm
Touched Theatre presents
FAUST [REDACTED] by Darren East
Wikileaks. Snowden. Press regulation. Gagging laws. The control of information and the complex morality of revealing secrets have never been more urgent topics. In an inventive and provocative production combining a classic text and contemporary puppetry and video design, Touched Theatre’s new adaptation of Marlowe’s “atheist” play shows a man betrayed by the lure of hidden knowledge and the powers that manipulate him and it.
For adults.

19, 20 March 8 pm
Lama Creative presents
These two performances are being presented as a work in progress lasting 30 minutes.
Are you afraid of the dark? Beneath the chaotic city streets lies a lost world full of myth, magic and mayhem. Inspired by the rich folk tales and history of our great capital, LONDON UNDER explores what happens when you fall between the pavement cracks into an unseen world.
For age 11 and above.

21, 22 March 8 pm
Little Cauliflower/Red Threaders/Smoking Apples present
After being diagnosed with motor neurone disease, Ted goes on the trip of a lifetime – and so does his pet fish. A new collaboration between three companies using puppetry, physical theatre and an original score to explore a terrible and terrifying degenerative disease.
For adults.

10-22 March 2014

All tickets to FIRSTS are £5 except for the performances of LONDON UNDER on 19 & 20 March.

LONDON UNDER tickets are free with the proviso that when you have seen the show, you pay what you think it is worth along with your comments on it as a work in progress. You still need to reserve your seats with the Box Office in the usual way.
Tickets can be obtained from the Box Office on 020 7226 1787 or online at

The FIRSTS Festival is supported by The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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