Anthropocene: The Human Era streaming to 10 May 2021. 3***. William Russell.

Climate change and what lies ahead provides the material for this stimulating theatre piecedirected by Gavin Maxwell and William Townsend with GymJam and staged at the Oxford Playhouse. We meet Megan and her partner as they get up in the morning, he prepares breakfast, rushes off to work, a friend comes round with a bottle of wine, some magazines and more importantly a pregnancy test. Is Megan pregnant. She goes to hge bathroom and then her world expands, contracts and changes as all the implications of life ahead for new life and how we affect that life by what we do overwhelm her. Words, images, sounds, strident and musical engulf her. People come and go. Connections are formed, forecasts made, connections broken. The films and the staged actions show how every day things like making that cup of coffee can affect so much, how throwing something away has dangers, how actions have consequences we do not realise. It is puzzling, worrying and well worth watching.
Tickets single user £7 Multi user £10
Directed by William Townsend & Gavin Maxwell
Director of Photography: Michael Lynch.
Sound Design: William Townsend & Michael Lynch.
Original Compositions by Piksel.
Liberty Bliss, Max Curtis, Giulia del Fabbro, Megan Noakes, Risha Silvera, Abi Smith.
Director of Pho

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