BLACKOUT To 17 October.


by Tim Cook.

Drayton Arms Theatre 153 Old Brompton Road SW5 0LJ To 17 October 2015.
Wed–Sat 8pm.
Runs 1hr No interval.

TICKETS: 020 7835 2301.
Review: William Russell 13 October.

The end of the world has arrived.
Mark is a would-be musician rehearsing for a gig later in the day in his fourth floor apartment, when his new neighbour Tracy knocks on the door to protest about the racket. They bicker, she leaves; she returns when there is a power-cut.

Mark has been making calls to his girlfriend Hannah and repeatedly getting the answer machine. It is clear something is up, that he is possibly stalking her.

He and Tracy are stuck in the dark apartment, argue about global warming and climate change, and agree to keep each other company until power is resumed. They fall asleep.

When they wake up it is still dark. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. Nothing works. The staircase has disappeared. Is it the end of the world? Should he try and jump to the street? Why does nobody hear them shouting for help? It is the end of someone’s world. And why does the telephone – Mark has a landline, not a mobile – suddenly come to life again?

Tim Cook has a keen ear for speech, the dialogue between the pair crackles, and there is a totally unexpected twist.

It is not quite clear why, when he sings to his guitar, that he has to adopt a nasal quasi– American accent, but it all adds to the general strangeness and his performance as Mark, apparently a slightly old-fashioned nerd but ultimately a rather dangerous young man, is impressive.

Amani Zardoe as the unlucky neighbour more than holds her own as events overwhelm her.

Mark: Tim Cook.
Tracy: Amani Zardoe.
Jason (voice); James Macauley.
Hannah (voice): Lauren-Nicole Little.

Director: Paul Macauley.
Designer: James Meikle.
Sound: Aran Knight.

2015-10-14 14:45:16

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