Blood Red Sky (2021), Dir Peter Thorwarth, Netflix: 4.5****: Matthew Alicoon

Blood Red Sky, 4.5****


Runtime: 121 Minutes

Review: Matthew Alicoon, Monday August 30th 2021

Blood Red Sky’s premise is unique and simple, it follows a plane hijacking but the terrorists do not realise one of the passengers on board is a vampire.

It is a very well filmed and contained thriller with most of the action happening on the plane and it was riveting yet terrifying to watch at times. It delivers the genre of plane hijacking films like Non Stop really well. However, adding the vampire element to the story added such an emotional mother and son story at the heart of the piece. Carl Anton Koch and Peri Baumeister’s performances are heart breaking to watch at times, the performances felt so authentic and dramatic too. It was quite enjoyable to see a multi-national cast in the film too.

However, a handful of the most intriguing parts of the film being the flashbacks it would have been interesting to see an expansion of them. Your eyes are drawn into the world and its hard to take your eye off what’s happening.

Peter Thorwarth has crafted a horror film that is terrifying but goes above typical narrative conventions by having the brilliantly written mother and son storyline.


Carl Anton Koch as Elias

Peri Baumeister as Nadja

Kais Sett as Farid al Adwa

Nader Ben-Abdallah as Mohammed

Roland Møller as Karl

Dominic Purcell as Berg

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