BONG SOON – A WINDY TALE till 26 November

BONG SOON – A WINDY TALE: Peter Wynne-Wilson, from a Korean tale
MOBY DUCK touring till 26 November
Runs 1h 10m, no interval
Review: Rod Dungate 29 09 11

Infectious anarchy

BONG SOON – A WINDY TALE is a mixture of traditional, cross cultural story-telling and an enjoyable, rumbustious anarchy. Young children watch with delight as this traditional Korean folk tale unfolds to it’s climax – the longest stage fart ever produced. Oh it’s so naughty . . . but nice.

MOBY DUCK’s theatrical story-telling style suits the young audience’s perfectly as the story unfolds. Bong Soon is a lovely young woman who has a windy problem. Her mother has difficulty finding her a husband, and when a great chance comes along she gives her daughter three rules of a happy marriage. Bong Soon holds in her explosive nature until she can’t hold it any longer – the release is cataclysmic.

For the company of three performers (two British and one Korean) this is high energy acting. And they take on their task with vigour, humour and huge commitment. There is wit in the production aspect too as pears are blown from trees and boats cross oceans; to say nothing of the matrimonial ‘des res’ being blown away.

But as an adult watching A WINDY TALE, the greatest delight is we know the children know it’s naughty and that, for once in their lives, they’ve got one over on the adults.

Lim Hyo Shin
Julie Baker
Greg Hobbs

Director: Peter Wynne Willson

Writers: Peter Wynne Willson with Ko Sun Duck (she wrote the Korean version with Pete)
Designer: Olly Shapley

‘So you’re an actor. What are you playing at the moment then?’

‘The longest stage fart in history.’ Hmmm, good for the CV.

2011-09-30 12:48:44

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