Cinderella, 4****, Birmingham

4 Star****

Runs: Approx 2h 15m, one interval
Tickets: 0844 338 5000

Review Rod Dungate 22 December 2017


Pushes all the right Buttons
The QDOS pantomime at the Hippodrome in Birmingham is as spectacular as ever.

Matt Slack, much-loved comic lead for several years, this year heads up the cast as Buttons. He drives the show along with his child-line comedy (which is often far from innocent) drawing us all, children and adults, into his world. His boundless energy and good humour make him worth every penny (though I have no idea how many pennies that is!)

Ceri Dupree and David Dale give us the two Ugly Sisters in very funny, often somewhat fleeting, performances. For my taste I would have liked more of them and more with Buttons with them. I’m sure it’s tricky with two ‘dames’ but this fabulous comedy trio is under-used.

Beverley Knight makes a welcome visit as the Fairy Godmother. She is in fine form with the bonus of a great singing voice. She, with the Broker’s Men, give us the comedy high-spot, a nightmare duet in which all the technical things you can imagine (and several you can’t) go wrong. But I did miss the presence of the ‘accumulating’ song – the number in which lines get longer and longer with repeated business – that QDOS has presented so wonderfully before.

Andy Mac makes an excellent Prince Charming; he charms not just Cinerella, but us all. Especially when the butt of much of the knock-about humour.

It all looks splendid, catchy music and some sharp choreography. The Hippodrome pantomime is a class act and just what is needed for seasonal fun.

2017-12-29 12:06:03

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