Birmingham Rep till 21 03 15

0121 236 4455
Runs: 1h 50m, one interval

Review: Alexander Ray Edser, Birmingham Rep 19 03 15

Unusual, invigorating and hi-energy
CIRQUE BERSERK are fairly and squarely in the frame of modern circus, the difference is that this team perform with attitude – and how! True to the tradition of circus the talented team is drawn from right across the world. Pounding music thrills and drives the powerful performance along at almost giddying speed.

Traditional circus acts are here aplenty – fire-hoops, foot juggling (also with fire), knife throwing (and that has fire too.) The performance is given a modern twist with a robot and, most notably, high speed motor cycles.

The motor cycles are astounding. A huge metal globe is rolled to the front of the acting space. Inside this two motor cyclist chase and cross at high speed. Then are three then, incredibly there four. Thrills, but thankfully, no spills.

The show is full of moments of wonder. How, we ask, can humans jump so high, or be so strong? Team members are thrown through the air, or throw themselves into the air, summersaulting, to be miraculously caught. The Rep auditorium is full of audible gasps. Wonderful.

And lest we should forget we are at a circus, there is a clown. Suitably dishevelled, he amuses us with a lovely routine with a step-ladder, and later, with a high monocycle.

The whole show is given greater drama with strongly coloured lighting; it’s effective, though personally I would like to see a slightly higher level of over-all lighting so that we might see these spectacular treats with greater clarity. That having been said, this is a terrific and original performance event.

Lucius Team, Timbuktu Tumblers, Tropicana Troupe, Adi, Kremena, Germaine, Luciano Gabriel, Duo Benelo, Tweedy, Odka, Billy, Stefanie, Jackie, Toni, Zula.

Julius Green: Creative Director
Dede McGarrity: Choreographer
Sean Cavanagh and his associates: Set Design
Mike Robertson and his associates: Lighting Design
Matthew Bugg: Sound Design
Dianne Kelly and her associates: Costume Design

2015-03-20 16:18:51

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