Closer Than Ever – Lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr music by David Shire. Available on Broadway HD. 4****. William Russell.

This marvellous musical revue by Maltby and Shire consists of songs about love and marriage, divorce, growing old and apart and finally staying together It was a hit off Broadway in 1989, has been revived ever since, made its first appearance in London at the Bridewell in 2006 and was last revived at the Jermyn Street theatre in 2014. Given the pandemic it now appears on line on Broadway HD with a first rate cast doing full justice to the songs. Kerry Ellis, Dalton Harris, Lee Mead and Grace Mouat make up the foursome telling it like it is. There is one change I think – There, which was originally a duet for a man and a woman about breaking up and being no longer there now goes to Mead and Harris. It adds up to a sophisticated, smoothly staged ninety minutes directed by Stacey Haynes with Maltby as co-director which was irresistible when I saw it at Jermyn Street all those years ago and time has not made it any the less a show to relish. Bitter and sweet everyone will find they too have been there, done that and share the same regrets. Right at the start Mead tells Ellis he just wants now to be friends, only to discover she has no wish for more friends, least of all him – the punch line sets the mood. No holds are barred in these battles of the sexes.
Lee Mead, Kerry Ellis, Dalton Harris, Grace Mouat.

Director: Stacey Haynes
Co-director: Richard Maltby Jr.
Musical Director: Nick
Sound Designer: Dan Samson.
Costume Designer: Natalie Alvarez.
Production Photographs: Bonnie Britain.

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