Continuity by Gerry Moynihan. The Finborough theatre on line. 4****. William Russell.

Staged at the Finborough in 2017 this powerful monologue delivered with power and charm by Paul Kennedy, a charm all the more lethal because Padraig is an IRA bomb maker, a killer, is available on line until December. Monologues are tricky things but Moynihan has crafted this one skillfully, Kennedy holds the stage throughout as he tells a story which can only end one way and director Shane Dempsey keeps it moving from past to present with great resource. This is not just another talking head. Padraig has met Jorja, a nice Spanish girl with whom he has fallen in love. She is returning home and wants him to come with her. But Padraig and his family have history. His sister has been murdered by his friend as she has been found to be an informer. His father, who has died, has a past with the movement too. They excuse their action by explaining that it was “nothing personal, it’s political.” An excuse they will live to regret. This journey into the mind of a terrorist, into the mistakes of the past that affect today, into the history of rebellion is not a comfortable one but it is one well worth taking even although as this is a film of the performance the theatre lighting has occasionally not worked all that well on film and the irish accent is sometimes hard to follow at first – but the ear will become accustomed. This is the Finborough doing what it does best – the uncomfortable, the challenging, the relevant. Try it.

Padraig – Paul Kennedy.

Director: Shane Dempsey.
Design: May Jennifer Davies.
Lighting: Steven Owen.
Sound: Anna Clock.
Movement: Steffany George.
Photograph: Gary Wolf.

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