Coppelia & The Supermarket Suite. The Garden Theatre in St Gabriel’s Hall, Pimlico. 3***. William Russell

The enterprising Garden Theatre, the first to open after the pandemic closures last year, has now popped up in Pimlico, having lost its Vauxhall venue, with this dance double bill. The Supermarket Suite is a jolly ten minute romp about the sort of people who shop at Waitrose and is followed by a gay version of Coppelia in which the doll manipulated by Dr C everyone seems to fall in love with is a male mannequin. It is more challenging and the four dancers do rise to the occasion, fortunately not too highly as the venue ceiling is low and some lifts sent heads perilously close to crashing into it. Thomas Buckley has the most fun as Dr C but all perform with spirit. I am not quite sure that choreographer William Spencer, who also directs, has quite managed to get a coherent story across – at times it did seem a bit like one gay tiff after another – but dance on the fringe is a rarity so the evening makes a refreshing change.
Hayden Tierney: Freddie.
Thomas Buckley: Dr C.
Jack Buchanan: Max.
Lewis Rimmer: Simon.

Director/Choreographer: William Spencer.
Musical Director/Orchestrator: Aaron Clingham.
Lighting Designer: Michael Brenkley.

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