Court in the Act! To 4 February.


COURT IN THE ACT! The British Comedy Company

Nottingham Playhouse Wellington Circus NG1 5AF to 4 February 2012
Wed–Sat 8pm Mat 4 February 2.30pm.
Runs 2 hours. One interval.

TICKETS: 0115 9419419.
Review: Jen Mitchell 1 February.

An evening of lively improvised entertainment from The British Comedy Company.

The stage is set as a simple courtroom. Peter Weir, the force behind The British Comedy Company, introduces the evening’s entertainment and how it will work, to the audience.

The scenarios to be played out in the courtroom are all suggested by the audience and it is a testament to the skills of the actors on stage how easily they work with these suggestions and manage to come up with nearly two hours of improvised, entertaining comedy.

We had Annette Curtain (Pippa Evans), a dysfunctional Nottingham woman who had been brought up by monkeys as part of a council programme, having been charged with running over two traffic wardens. Neil Ashdown is a serious and somewhat bemused defense lawyer. John Voce, his opposite number, also played a very amusing police officer with a habit of breaking into a range of amusing accents from Mexican to Scouse!

Ian McLaughlin managed to become a Popeye-esque witness, with an imaginary boat and crew to boot. Peter Weir oversaw the whole trial as the judge. Suki Webster very ably took on various roles including that of the monkey Pineapple, who quickly became the star of the show.

The verbal antics of the actors on stage and their quick fire repartee make for a very entertaining evening of comedy.

Performers: Neil Ashdown, Pippa Evans, Ian McLaughlin, John Voce, Suki Webster, Peter Weir.

2012-02-04 09:29:20

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