Crips Without Constraint – a series of new plays from Graeae one a week on Tuesday at noon to 16 February. 4****. William Russell.

Graeae, the theatre company for deaf and disabled sctors, is showing a series of five plays written by disabled actors and writers at noon on Tuesdays until 16 February 2021. The first How do you make a Cup of tea feature their patron, Dame Harriet Walter as an actor discussing a play with a disable actor who she thinks she is going to play. The disabled actor is under no such delusions. It is funny, sad and confronts the way the abled treat people with disabilities as well as the madness of actors preparing for a role. The players who feature in the subsequent plays – Flowers for the Chateau, The Gift, Stuck With You and Good Days Bad Day include Sharon D Clarke, Cherrylea Houston and Julie Graham.
They can be found by calling up or looking up e Graeae theatre on You Tube. So far only the first two obviously are available. They make stimulating and challenging watching.

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