CRUDE PROSPECTS, London, To 21 Feb

by Peter Wiedmann.

The Vault Festival, to 21 February
Leake Street, London SE1 7NN to 21 February 2016.
Performances 6pm. Mat 2.15 20 Feb.
Runs 1hr No interval.
The Festival runs to 6 March.

TICKETS: 0971 220 0260.
Review: William Russell 18 February.

Curiouser and curiouser and worth it.
Alaska is a strange world, exploited over the years for its gold, its oil, and its natural reserves. Kathy – “Where there’s a well, there’s a war” – is working there researching the sea bed, living on an abandoned rig, and up to something or other. The locals are suspicious. Her friend Brett, urged on by the boyfriend Kathy has left behind, goes to seek her old school friend and strange things happen along the way, not least when she is arrested by a most peculiar cop.

This is Twin Peaks land where everyone is peculiar. There are polar bears, marauding Russians, Kathy appears to have transmuted into a pistol packing Gold Rush prospector who duels with an activist in a polar bear mask. The policeman is threatening who knows what as he demands Brett’s particulars, Brett falls through the ice and the audience is continually diverted.

It is performed with zest, entertains and is a vintage Vault Festival piece.

Brett: Norma Butikofer.
Kathy: Nadege Adlam.
Joe: Lennard Sillevis.
Wheeler: Brian Tynan.

Director: Nathalie Adlam.
Design: Betsy Dadd.
Sound: Tom MacLean.
Lighting: Sarah Crocker.

2016-02-20 12:26:30

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