Written and performed by Debbie Tracey
Runs: 1 hour, no interval, till 03 09
Review: Rod Dungate, 02 09 11

Sparky satire – that sometimes makes you go ‘Ouch’

The title really, with a certain irony, tells it as it is. Debbie Tracey’s one-woman show is a sparky, ironic, and frequently sharp (and sharp tongued) look at the fall from grace of a self-made cosmetic millionaire.

It’s an amusing enough idea; but Tracey fashions a sharp point on the end of her satire stick. There are interesting glimpses into the racism that exists within the Black communities. And some sharp observations on how Black people see White people’s perception of them – and she’s not a million miles from the truth. Much of this is cleverly wrapped up in comedic sheep’s clothing; our beauty saleswoman has made a fortune for instance with Snow Queen – a cream that lightens black skin. I’m sure this is very un PC, but all the better for that.

Tracey’s entrepreneur is richly drawn – a character who wants not a life, but a lifestyle. In true comedic fashion her biggest failing is not her narcissism nor her meanness, but her total inability to see herself as others see her.

A lively evening; as Tracey hones her performance and settles into it, BEAUTY SALESWOMAN will grow and grow. Although Tracey’s character would hate to know it, she will enrich as she matures.

Steven Luckie directs with a sure hand, guiding Debbie but keeping her character under control.

Directed by: Steven Luckie
Comedy / Character Adviser: Janice Connolly

2011-09-02 15:11:25

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