Death of a Hunter by Rolf Hochhuth. The Finborough on line from 7 September to 7 October2020 4****. William Russell.

Here is another jewel in the Finborough#s gem studded crown which those of you who do not live in London could well watch It was performed in April 2018 as part of the theatre’s 40th anniversary programme and received enthusiastic 4**** reviews. You can find what I wrote in our archive and all the credits so no point in listing all those again, except to say that I was not alone then in awarding it 4**** and praising the performance and direction.
The action takes pace on 2 July 1961. Ernest Hemingway is in his study in Ketchum looking back on life and screwing up his courage to commit suicide. We may know how it will end, but Edmund Dehnas Hemingway holds the attention throughout creating a complex and difficult man at the end of his tether as he reflects on death, killing animals and the price of fame. It is a shocking and compelling tale.
It is available free on the Finborough You Tube and with subtitles on Scenesaver. Should you wish you can donate something for the experience or even become a friend of the theatre.

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