Derriere on a G-String by Alfred Taylor-Gaunt. Lilian Bayliss theatre, Roseberry Avenue, London EC1 to 4 October 2019. 4****. William Russell

Derriere – On a G String
Written, created and choreographed by Alfred Taylor-Gaunt.
Lillian Bayliss theatre, Sadler’s Wells, Roseberry Avenue, London EC1R to 4 October 2019.
Performances 6.15pm and 8.30pm.
Runs 1hr 40 mins. One interval.
TICKETS: 0207 863 8015.
Review: William Russell 2 October.

Saucy, irreverent, frequently very funny and quite sexy this dance revue choreographed by Alfred Taylor-Gaunt offers all sorts of comic delights as it takes an amused look at the foibles of the day. It is a series of sketches as is the revue format, only without words. I have some reservations about the one in which the four men share adjoining toilet seats – female frozen face next to me suggested not everyone found it funny – but the one called Morning Wood was greeted with shrieks of joy from the same source. The cast of six – four men two women – brims with style, perform Taylor-Gaunt ‘s athletic choreography very well indeed and all clearly have comic bones in their bodies. The sketches vary in length, are performed to memoable musical moments, and the comic styles have been inspired by the greats of the silent cinema.
It opens with a splendid teasing towel dance, now you see it, now you don’t, to the strains of the Radetzky March – nudity is promised but not quite delivered – follows with one on the perils of waiting for a bus, then there is a splendid demonstration on how to put the cover in a duvet to the Dance of the Hours and one about rising to the occasion in the morning to Morning Mood from the Peer Gynt Suite.
The first act ends with a man being cut in half to the Overture to William Tell as they take on the National Health Service. In Act two the theme tune to the Archers will never seem the same again after what they get up to, the fad for Vaper smoking is mocked, there is a House of Windsor moment to the Blue Danube, and the horror of getting involved with a duck to the strains everyone associates with Swan Lake is added to the mix. There is also a nice running gag to Scotland the Brave which ends the performance and there you have it. Derriere On A G String was last seen at the Tristan Bates theatre, and this short Sadler’s Well season should be followed by many more performances elsewhere. It will make you laugh, cry and laugh again.

Jonathan Mewett
Sammy Moore
Alex Murray
Ruth Emily Plaxton
Josh Sinclair-Evans
Aisling Tara

Director & Choreographer: Alfred Taylor-Gaunt.
Designer: Libby Todd.
Lighting Designer: Andrew Ellis.
Assistant Director: John Scott Douglas.
Production Photographs: Jamie Scott.

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