Disenchanted – book, music & lyrics by Dennis T Giacino. Streaming to 11 April 2021. 4****. William Russell

Forget that it is written and composed by one man – Dennis T Giacino – and directed by another – Tom Jackson Greaves. Why? Well this men in charge set up slightly weakens the joke on which the tuneful and funny musical frolic is based. It is the revenge of the princesses of the fairy tales, ten of whom, led by SnowWhite, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, join forces to set their world to rights, put Prince Charming in his place and tell the wonderful world of Walt just what they think of the way he has treated their stories. Queen of the heap is Snow White played by Jodie Steele in fine voice and frequently raising the roof in her rage. She gets strong support from Sophie Isaacs as Cinderella, who tells the world what she thinks of frogs, mice and glass slipper as well as her Prince, and from the others who pop up there is a withering Pocahontas from Grace Mount, whse sad life is much traduced in the cartoon world, and Shanay Holmes as the princess who got a frog to kiss.
It has been handsomely stage, briskly directed, and Musical director George Dyer keeps his leading ladies singing their hearts out. Maybe one or two lines get swallowed – diction can be a problem for some singers – but it is an effervescent show which never runs out of puff.
Courtney Bowman, Natalie Chua, Allie Daniel, Shanay Holmes, Sophie Isaacs, Aisha Jawandon, Grace Mount, Millie O’Connell, Jenny O’Leary, Jodie Steele.

Director: Tom Jackson Greaves.
Musical Director: George Dyer.
Hair Designer: Charlotte Wilkinson.
Make Up Designer: Abbi Rose.
Filming: The Umbrella Rooms.


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