Dreamboats and Petticoats, Belgrade Theatre till 19th November and touring


Dreamboats and Petticoats
Presented by Bill Kenwright and Laurie Mansfield in association with Universal Music
Book by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran
Belgrade Theatre: Tkts 024 7655 3055
Runs: 2h 30m: one interval: till 19th November
Start: 7.45pm: Matinee: Saturday 19th, 2.30

Review: Jan Pick

A feel good show for all.

If you need cheering up in this era of gloom and doom, visit then get along to The Belgrade Theatre to see the touring production of ‘Dreamboats and Petticoats’, the new musical by Marks and Gran, inspired by the hit compilation album of the same name.

Set in the early 1960s, the story, reminiscent of the Cliff Richard film, ‘The Young Ones’, revolves around the lives, hopes and dreams of a group of teenagers meeting at their local Youth Club. 17 year old Bobby, sings, writes songs and hopes to be chosen to be a member of the local club band; he is good, but not as ‘cool’ as newcomer Norman, who not only grabs the job in the band, but also the girl that Bobby is smitten with. Hovering in the background is 15 year old Laura, a schoolgirl with spectacles, pigtails and braces, desperate to be thought grown up and dreaming hopelessly over Bobby who never seems to notice her except as a friend and song writing partner.

There are excellent performances all round from the talented ensemble company. Katie Birtill is impressive as the alluring Sue, while David Ribi and Samantha Dorrance almost steal the show as young Bobby and Laura. Designers Sean Cavanagh and Brigid Guy’s set and costumes are visually stunning with beautifully choreographed dance routines by Carole Todd.

This engaging and enjoyable evening is a delight and the cast play, sing and dance their way into the hearts of an audience nostalgic for a past where life seemed simpler and the future secure.

Phil/Older Bobby: Graeme Henderson
Daisy: Francesca Loren
Andy: Adam Howard
Richard: Matthew Quinn
Colin: Chris Coxon
Barry: Christopher Wheeler
Derek: Tristan Pate
Bobby: David Ribi
Ray: Josh Little
Laura: Samantha Dorrance
Sue: Katie Birtill
Donna: Anna Campkin
Norman: Ben James-Ellis
Frank/Slugger/Compere: Christopher Fry
Eric: James Nitti
Jeremy: Robbie Durham
Babs: Emily O’Keefe
Other characters played by members of the company

Director: Bob Tomson
Musical Supervisor: Keith Strachan
Choreographer: Carole Todd
Set Designer: Sean Cavanagh
Costume Designer: Sean Cavanagh and Brigid Guy
Lighting Designer: Mark Howett
Sound Designer: Ben Harrison
Musical Arrangements: Keith Strachan and David Clement-Smith
Executive Producer: Brian Berg
Company Stage Manager: Justin Savage
DSM: Morgan Fox
ASM: Lauren Morgan
Head of Wardrobe and Wigs: Kieran Kerry
No. 1 Sound: Marcus Wadland
No. 2 Sound:
Lighting Technician: Andrew Green
Dance Captain: Graeme Henderson
Company Musical Director: Adam Howard

2011-11-23 09:29:02

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