Dynamo: Beyond Belief, A Sky Original: 5*****: Matthew Alicoon

Dynamo: Beyond Belief (2020), 5*****

Starring Steven Frayne

A Sky Original, Now TV

Running Time: Approx 44 minutes per episode

Review: Matthew Alicoon, Thursday 28th May 2020

Dynamo: Beyond Belief (3 Episodes) follows magician Steven Frayne’s road to recovery after he had chronic arthritis. Also, the show has a various number of tricks performed by Dynamo that he wrote down in a book while he was in his hospital bed and all the tricks are brought to life in this series.

This was an epic comeback by arguably one of the greatest magicians of all time. The scope and creativity to the tricks were so vast and they were all just jaw-dropping to witness. Also, Dynamo’s fluidity of his magic is superb as he’s very quick and precise with a lot of his work on the show.

However, the ending to the series had one of the most impressive achievements by any magician ever on TV which was his final trick on the show involving the Mexican border and it is still shocking to think about it days after watching it.

Also, what made the series so strong was Steven’s story of his recovery along side the magic as the two things went hand in hand. By using video snippets of himself during the time he had chronic arthritis was harrowing to watch as you witnessed how poorly he was and could see how much pain he endured as we were allowed access into how much medication he was taking per day.  However, it was also inspiring as he overcame the illness and has made one hell of a comeback. Looking forward to seeing what Dynamo works on next.

There is always a method behind magic and we know it isn’t real but watching Dynamo: Beyond Belief will make you believe anything is possible.

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