Falling in Love with Mr Dellamort by Jack Feldstein & Paul Doust. BroadwayRecords.com. 4****

Plans to bring this quirky musical By Feldstein and Doust were stymied by the pandemic so what do you do? You make it into a record and the result is raunchy, funny and not at all what you expect as entertainment at a time like this because Mr Dellamort,the host at a remote South Carolina guest house on New Year’s Eve, is the angel of death and the guests are in for a surprise – the songs are tuneful, the orchestrations inventive and while maybe it is not another Rocky Horror Show it might, given a fair wind and a stage, turn out to be a cult show to savour. A strong Broadway cast led by James Monroe Iglehart as Mr Dellamort do it full justice as they discover their New Year is not what they thought it was going to be.

Mr Dellamort: James Monroe Iglehart
Sue Grimshaw: Courtney Reed.
Rhonda Lipson: Lena Hall
Mina Thompson: Jackie Hoffman.
Barry Scott: Telly Leung.
Narrator: Gavin Lee.

Director:Ella Jane New.
Music Supervision & Orchestration: Lena Gabrielle
Sound Design: Cricket S. Myers.

Website: DellamortMusical.com
Original cast recording. BroadwayRecords.com

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