by Toby Rose.

Cinema Museum Dugard Way off Renfrew Road SE11 4TH To 5 July 2014.
Runs 1hr 20min No interval.

Review: William Russell 23 June.

The Frocky Horror Show.
Set in the world of the catwalk and fashion weeks, this is the story of how Mimi Steel, a wannabe from Canada, came to London and crashed the happening fashion scene with a little help from the man of the moment, a sort of Gandy figure, called Cedric.

Her rise and fall is narrated by Jake Spangle, a fashionista. Directed by Rob McWhir, who has pulled out all the stops, this is arguably still a work in progress but already great fun to watch. The songs rock, the lyrics are funny and the cast give it their all.

As Mimi, a girl who is Steel by name and steal by nature, Rosie Glossop strides the stage in the tightest of costumes displaying an amazing ruthlessness and belting her songs with aplomb.

James Wilkinson as suave Cedric Chevalier, the towering Frenchman who helps her become a fashion icon, is quite an eyeful. Not only can that boy foxtrot, he can sing.

Carl Mullaney as Spangle, part-comp◘re, part-vengeful foe, who helps bring about the downfall of the upstart Mimi after she nicks his big idea – a celebrity fashion bracelet – holds the whole thing together brilliantly. When things go wrong, which they do, he has the nous to do what needs to be done to save the day.

The costumes are stylish, the cast lovely to look at, and the off-beat venue could not be bettered – the Cinema Museum is one of London’s hidden treasures. With a little more work on the plot this show might well have a future. It would certainly grace any fashion week that cared to stage it as it is. All concerned rise to the occasion, including Camilla Rutherford making a guest appearance and sporting the look of a woman who wonders why on earth she said yes in the first place.

Jake Spangle: Carl Mullaney.
Mimi Steel: Rosie Glossop.
Cedric Chevalier: James Wilkinson.
Tarquin Brockhutch: Arron Blake.
Chloe: Aimee Barrett.
Celebrity Cameo: Camilla Rutherford.
Dance Troupe: Matt Walker, Mercedes Bailey, Matt Blancheri, Amy Cook.

Director: Rob McWhir.
Music Cayelan Mendoza.
Musical Director: Michael Webborn.
Choreographer: Ryan Jenkins.
Costumes: Deborah Andrew.

2014-06-24 10:49:25

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