Flightpath by James Burke. The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, 410 Brockley Road, London SE 4 to 28 May 2022. 3***. William Russell.

A diverting flight of fancy to say the least this concoction of scenes about flying provides a splendid showcase for the versatility of its cast who play a multitude of characters in all sorts of situations. One knows one is in for something out of the ordinary right at the start when Kelly Davie comes on and gets the audience to turn the evening’s programme sheet into paper airplanes which they then hurl on her command in the direction of the stage.
She gets the show off to a hilarious start after which we discover a reporter (James Burke) being chastised by his editor (Derek Jeck) for not writing the story he was told to write – the guy works for an aviation magazine but not one which wishes to upset advertisers. The incident which then sets the evening proper off was about a body which fell from on high and nobody knows who he was and where he came from. The reporter stands by his story and some of what follows is his attempt to uncover what goes on up there in the skies above us. All sorts of people doing all the things you might expect and some you would not turn up, including the inevitable three people in a balloon which is falling to earth because the occupants weigh too much. Which one should be tossed overboard?
It is a diverting show, the cast perform their multitude of roles very well indeed and the foray south of the border down Brockley way by this Glasgow based collective shows that not everything surreal and diverting is created on the London fringe. There are things going on up there too as James Burke’s collection of tiny scenes set up there above us, some serious, some daft,and some all too true briskly directed by Tomaz Krajnc shows.

James Burke
Kelly Davie
Derek JJeck.

Director: Tomaz Krajnc.
Lighting Design: Laurel Marks.
Sound Design: Kristina Kaplin.
Stage Design adviser: :Lu Herbert.
Production Photography: Jasmine Aurora.

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