FRAGILE To 7 June.


by Geoff Thompson.

The Old Joint Stock Theatre 4 Temple Row West B2 5NY To7 June 2014.
Runs: 1hr 15min.
Review: Sam Chipman 6 June.

Gut-wrenching, powerful and uncomfortable

=Fragile is a semi-autobiographical one-man play by BAFTA-winning writer Geoff Thompson. It tells the story of a broken man’s battle with abuse and his journey towards redemption.

One, the sole character in the play, tells his story into a tape recorder on the floor. He recalls the disturbing events of his childhood that have shaped his life in a hard-hitting, harrowing and brutal fashion as he struggles to find peace.

Set and lighting are simple, but within the confines of the studio space are all that is needed.

Nigel Francis holds the audience completely, on his own throughout. His interpretation is full of grit, a torrent of emotions flowing from the contorted dialogue so the true torment of the character is hauntingly apparent.

The revelations, repeated to tremendous effect, are indubitably gut-wrenching to hear and the way they effect One disturbs. The intimate setting of the Old Joint Stock Theatre serves as a perfect venue for the play.

Not for the faint hearted or children – the subject matter makes for quite uncomfortable viewing – but a powerful piece of theatre.

One: Nigel Francis.

Directors: Geoff Thompson/Nigel Francis.

2014-06-08 00:27:46

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