General Secretary – the review. Written by Cassie Symes & Georgina Thomas. 4****. William Russell

This Applecart Arts production written, produced, directed and performed by Symes and Thomas shows what happens when women take over the world.An alarming prospect? It is, you could say a case of Women – Beware women. Given the job the intrepid pair embark on learning how to do it and after many mistakes and some falling out, relying on a distinctly dodgy site called Techy Bois on who to seize the “weans” of power and becoming involved with a dangerous rogue system, a sort of evil Facebook, they work out how to do it. They hold a World Vision Song Contest and perform the winning son on top of what could be a pink or possibly a white grand piano. In other words when Symes and Thomas get going anything goes. For sixty minutes.
It is cheap at the price – a £5 donation.

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