Good Grief by Lorien Haynes. Original theatre production. Streaming to 15 April 2021. 4****. William Russell

Adam is holding a wake for Liv his late wife I think, but possibly his partner – it is never quite clear. The wine has been drunk, the mourners are drunk and the pizzas have arrived late brought in by Cat, a friend of them both. We then follow the development of their friendship over the ext few months, which proves to have its ups and downs. No spoilers but it is well worth finding out. This production directed by Natalie Abrahami breaks all the walls there are as we see the cast and crew in black and white getting read to set up and perform the various scenes which are in colour. It should destroy the impact of the story but only adds to it. The two performances are admirable. Patel is a splendidly self absorbed, slightly insensitive but genuinely grief stricken man who, without a partner, is something of a lost boy and Clifford’s Cat shows all the doubts of someone who fancies him but cannot quite reconcile that with her friendship with the dead Liv. It is Liv who casts a shadow over it all. Lockdown filmed plays have improved over the year as people have got to grips with how to do it. Once this would just have been talking heads shot in separate rooms against badly matched backgrounds with awkward exchanges of pieces of kit like say a glass of wine. Not here. This is a proper studio production but with the restrictions required. The thing about grief is it can be all consuming but it need not be. Life can go on. The question is how does it go on for Adam and Cat. Go find out.

Cat: Sian Clifford
Adam: Nikesh Patel

Director: Natalie Abrahami.
Music composer: Isobel Waller-Bridge.
Cinematographer: Emma Dalesman.
Editor: Fin Oates.
Designer: Natalie Pryce.

Original Theatre production – Filmed on location at Coptic Street Studios, London.

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