Arcola Theatre 24 Ashwin Street E8 3DL 14 June 2015.

TICKETS: (£25, including a post-performance drink) 020 7503 1646.
www.arcolatheatre.comIt’s 21 years since director Max Stafford-Clark, having run London’s Royal Court Theatre and the touring company Joint Stock – producing many premieres, by many of the most interesting writers of the time – founded Out of Joint.

Starting with the late Sue Townsend’s The Queen and I, in rep with Jim Cartwright’s Road, it has continued to develop a range of 45 new plays examining society and its institutions, through the voices of many playwrights – including Sebastian Barry, Richard Bean, Caryl Churchill, David Edgar, David Hare and documentary plays by Robin Soans, acted by fine actors and all held in a progressive unity by the scrupulous, searching manner of Stafford-Clark’s direction.

Everything he does is done for a reason; and every line an actor speaks in one of Stafford-Clark’s production is spoken with a clearly-defined purpose. Vagueness and emotional indulgence have no place in his work.

As will be seen in the company’s celebratory event on Sunday 14 June, at 5.30pm, which will include performances of scenes from the company’s extensive back catalogue and an invitation to support its future.

Stafford-Clark defines his purpose for the company, saying: "I wanted to give writers the resources to make ambitious plays and tell important stories about our culture and society. That’s what Out of Joint does. And in touring these plays around the country we occupy a vital place in the ecology of many regional theatres."

Proceeds from the evening will support the company’s work developing new writing, and presenting it to audiences all over the country in high quality productions.

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