Hello, Sorry – A Show Stoppers song to cheer all suffering musical deprivation on You Tube. William Russell

Need cheering up? You could do worse than check out what the Show Stoppers, those witty folk who improvise musicals as requested by the audience. There being no audiences at the moment they have asked some leading lights of the musical theatre to suggest a show and currently they are fulfilling the request of the multi-faceted Jenna Russell to write her a song about the problems we all face with internet and phone reception. You can find it on You Tube and it is being performed in aid ofTthe Care Workers Fund which you will find on Just Giving/ But all the details are on You Tube with the song.
The lyrics of Hello, Sorry are by Adam Megiddo and Al James.
Russell, who was appearing as Edith PIaf when lockdown struck, was due to open this summer in Hello Dolly opposite Imelda Staunton.
Dolly – Ali James
The waiters at the Harmony Gardens
Jonathan Ainscough, Justin Brett, Joshua Jackson, Philip Pellew.

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