Homos – Or Everyone in America, Finborough, 4****: William Russell



by Jordan Seavey.


The Finborough Theatre, 118 Finborough Road, London SW10 9ED to

Runs 1hr 45 mins No interval.

TICKETS: 01223 357 851.


Review: William Russell 11 August.


Boys in the band it ain’t

As ever the Finborough comes up with something unexpected and not to be missed with this European premier about a love affair between a young American writer and an academic. Their story is told in a corkscrew fashion shifting back and forward in time which, once one adjusts, works beautifully although it does take until the end to find out what all the boxes full of what look like coloured tennis balls that are spaced out round the acting area mean. As for covering the acting area with sand, that was never explained but actually creates just the right feeling for events spiralling not out of control but through time which something more conventional – like furniture – would have destroyed.

The writing is taught, the performances are to relish and director Josh Seymour has delivered an evening which works perfectly. Tyrone Huntley as the Academic – he does media studies – has a superb stage presence and creates a quizzical, warm character and holds the eye throughout. As the Academic, a nervy, unsure of himself and prone to drinking too much chap, Harry McEntire matches him blow for blow and kiss for kiss as the meet, mate, split up and misbehave, while Dan Krikler as the hunk who intervenes in their lives seizes his chances with style. It is all miles removed, as we are told, from the worlds of Boys in the Band or Larry Kramer. The action takes place in Brooklyn over a period of years from 2006 and 20ll and while some knowledge of the politics of the time helps it remains wholly accessible, a gay play for today.

As for Cash Holland, who completes the cast as Laila, after a brief scene setting opening stint, she has to wait to the end when she finally reveals what all those boxes contain but it is a moment worth waiting for.

Laila: Cash Holland.

The Writer: Harry McEntire.

The Academic: Tyrone Huntley.

Dan: Dan Krikler.

Director: Josh Seymour.

Set & Costume Designer: Lee Newby.

Lighting Designer: Jess Bernberg.

Sound Designer & Composer: Lex Kosanke.

Movement Director: Chi-San Howard.

Prodiction photographs: Marc Brenner.


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