Horrigan & Howell. The Hope Theatre, Upper Street, Islington to 8 August 2021. 4****. William Russell.

The sublime one night, the ridiculous the next, this job does not lack in variety and this 60 minute show subtitled A Sketch Too Far in the tiny Hope is a laugh a minute affair.Matthew Howell, the bullying one, and Liam Horrigan, the fall guy, make a fine double act – they also wrote their material. Maybe they shout a little more than need be – the Hope is small – but no matter, the evening opens with a splendid encounter between a couple of gormless English tourists who do motor rallies heading for Nuremberg and seeking directions from an SS officer and ends with a riff on those 57 varieties promised by Mr Heinz. They get fine support from Georgia Bradley as the obliging one and Jo Hartland as the one who regards them with well deserved contempt. Laughter is good medicine at the moment and a dose of this pair, who claim to have sold cheese in Fortnum & Mason, will do nicely.

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