House Of Gucci (2021), Dir Ridley Scott, Netflix: 5*****: Dana Archer

House Of Gucci film poster

House of Gucci Reviewed by Dana Archer
Director- Ridley Scott
Starring – Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Selma Hayak and Al Pacino
Run time – 158 minutes
Platform- Cinema
Certificate- 15
Rating  *****

Running Time: 158 Minutes

This film takes place over three generations and documents to downfall of Gucci. Award season beckons this film, the cast is glorious, especially Gaga who deserves the best actress statue (Especially as she was robbed by uninspired Olivia Colman a few years ago)
Anyway, house of Gucci is an excellent film, I won’t spoil this for anyone as I had no idea of the story prior to watching and expect others do not either. Patrizia (Gaga) meets Maurizio (Driver) at a party, he has no interest in being part of the family business but with her help he becomes a part of it. His uncle Aldo (Al Pacino) and cousin Paolo (Leto) run the company as his father Alfredo (Irons) lives with his own regrets and sadness at the loss of his wife. Patrizia gets into Maurizio’s head, her passion for Gucci and desperacy for success makes her powerful and vindictive. Psychic Pina (Hayek) helps her with guidance throughout. What Patrizia did was wrong, but this film demonstrates the constraints and rejection she felt as the family implodes. This is an excellent film and one that is exactly the right length. Pacino shines in this and is compelling in every scene, Leto too brings lighthearted relief to this serious film. I loved it, it was entertaining, and interesting. Scott catches the essence of a woman scorned and the narrative is cleverly layered to document this tragedy. I will be very surprised if this film doesn’t sweep the majority of awards this season

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