Hugo in Panto-But is it Really Acting? Part One: Rod Dungate

Hugo von Fragstein is just about to set out on his career as an actor. And he’s going to give ReviewsGate visitors a unique insight into his debut into professional work.

Hugo graduated from Birmingham Royal Conservatoire (consistently one of the UK’s leading drama schools) this summer. He graduated with a First Class degree, so is well practiced in the skills, techniques and knowledge required by a modern actor. There’s quite a package of them, and include voice, physical training, acting (obviously), acting theories, play structure and research.

But how does this apply to pantomime? What are the given circumstances of a Buttons? Or the psychological motivations of an Dame? Do you build a Handsome Prince with Stanislavskian psychological realism or expressionist stylization? Indeed, do they teach pantomime at Drama school; so is the three years’ training value for money?

Hugo is about to find out. His first sustained job is with Little Wolf playing in Sleeping Bauty at the Core Theatre in Solihull. And Hugo is going to share his experiences with RG in a series of no-holds-barred first-hand features.

These will run from the beginning of rehearsals to the opening night. All will be revealed from first reading the script, early and late rehearsals, learning the audience reactions. Join with Hugo in the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of his journey. You’ll find out what rehearsing and performing pantomime is really like. Oh yes you will. Oh no you won’t. OH YES YOU WILL.



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