I D: Cirque Eloize: Touring

Cirque Eloize, ID
Runs 1h 50m, one interval
Info (in English): www.cirque-eloize.com/en/home
Review: Birmingham Hippodrome, 3 November 2011, Alexander Ray

Hi-energy, high-skilled, urban thrills.

Cirque Eloize artists are among the leading practitioners of modern circus. And their present show, ID, adds a new feature – their show of 14 astounding circus performers is envisioned within a tough urban landscape. The whole show of cycling, juggling, rope-work and so on is driven along by a tough urban beat; the performers flow from their acts into a fusion of urban and hip-hop dance. Sometimes they dance on their own, the effect is of wild anarchy; then they come together in tight choreography. The show is fast paced, hi-energy.

This is a multi-talented ensemble and there is often so much going on that it’s hard to know where to look. And the regular spurts of well-earned applause give the performance an interactive feel. The audience-performer bond is strengthened by the warmth of each performer as they take us into their world with cheeky grins. ‘This is fun,’ they appear to be saying – ignoring the hard work, not to say danger or pain undoubtedly involved.

Cirque Eloize, working from their base in Old Montreal, has been developing Circus Performance since 1993. They are clearly not a band of travelling vagabonds; in addition to (clearly) taking their art seriously, they are concerned for our environment – preserving the old Dalhousie Station and creating themselves as a centre of excellence developing skills and talents of young up and coming performers.

For me, high-spots of ID are Nicolas Fortin’s juggling, Thibaut Philippe on his trial bike and Hugo Ouellet-Cote’s amazing strength on straps.

The whole is directed with panache and surprising amounts of wit by Jeannot Painchaud, who’s concept gives the many pieces a satisfying wholeness within thrilling settings by Robert Massicotte.

The whole builds to a remarkable trampolining (trampowall) finale. And it’s all done with such glorious swagger.

Lisa Eckert, Victor de Abreu Oliveira, Melissa ‘Melly Mel’ Flerangile, Nicolas Fortin,
Xuan Le, Justine Methe-Crozat, Baptiste Montassier, Samuel ‘Samsung’ Nadai, Hugo Ouellet-Cote, Thibaut Philippe, Phillippe Renaud, Ryan Shinji Murray, Emi Vauthey, Kone Thong, Vangpraseuth

Director: Jeannot Painchaud
Executive Producer: Jonathan St-Onge
Set Designer, Illustrator and Video Projections C-Designer: Robert Massicotte
Show Acrobatic Designer; Head Trainer and Trampowall Act Designer: Krzysztof Soroczynski
Artistic Contributor: Mourad Merzouki
Artistic Consultant: Pierre Bernard
Co Composers: Jean-Phi Goncalves, Alex McMahon
Costume Design: Linda Brunelle
Light Designer: Noclas Descoteaux
Video Projections Co-Designer: Alexis Laurence

2011-11-04 10:37:12

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