I Wish to Die Singing – Voices from the Armenian Genocide by Neil McPherson. The Finborough on line from 1 November 2020. **** William Russell

With theatres closing down again on Thursday for a month here is the filmed verson of a play which opened at the Finborough in April 2015 to mark the centenary of the Armnenian genocide. It was reviewed then by Tim Ramsden and all the cast deatils are there in our archives. I have no reason to dispute his review. The production directed by Tommo Fowler was well received by the critics – moving, powerful, compelling and “a true example of activist theatre” were among the plaudits. It is available free on YouTube until 31 December. Tim praised it but had reservations. Michael Billington said that it “movingly achieves what it sets out to do.” That was quite simply to remmind the world of a genocide which the world forgot.
Photograph: Scott Rylander.

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