In the Net by Misha Levkov. Jermyn Street Theatre, 16b Jermyn Street, London SW1 to 4 February 2023. 2** William Russell.

Misha Levkov’s intentions may be good but working out what is going on in this apocalyptic work was beyond me and, judging by the tepid applause at the end, most, if not all, of the audience. It is a disappointing start to the new season for this usually splendid theatre. The cast of five work hard, cope with a terrible shaky set, and somehow or other have mastered speeches that simply don’t make sense most of the time. The word gobbledegook springs to mind. There is a perfectly good idea at the heart of the play which is set some time in a climate change future where the world is run by a ruthless authority and people are trapped in a net which is being created symbolically by two sisters protesting against injustice, abuse of the natural world and the treatment of those seeking asylum. The performances are fine – one cannot blame the actors who do an admirable best in the circumstances and the weaving of the net is most impressive. But this is one of those evenings one wishes one was anywhere but where one is.

Hana: Suzanne Ahmet.

Investigating officer, Councillor, Estate Agent:: Tony Bell.

Laura: Carlie Diamond.

Anna: Anya Murphy.

Harry: Hywel Simons.

Director: Vicky Moran.

Set & Costume Designer: Ingrid Hu.

Lighting Designer: Jonathan Chan.

Sound Designer: Matt Eaton.

Video Desgner: Daniel Denton.

Movement Director: Nadia Sohawon.

Production Photograph: Steve Gregson

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