KING KONG, 4****, London. To 27 08

(A Comedy)
by Daniel Clarkson

The Vaults, Launcelot Street, London SE1 7AD to 27 August 2017.
To 23 July – Tues-Sat 7.30pm. Mat Sat 4pm. Sun 3pm & 6pm.
From 25 July – Tues-Sat 7.30pm. Mat Wed,Sat & Sun 4pm.
Runs 80 mins No interval.

TICKETS: 0871 220 0260.
Review: William Russell 2 July.


You could go ape over this
This jolly romp sends up the 1933 film version of King Kong, the greatest of the many which followed, in splendid style, and has lots of smart routines, some very old jokes and an ape to help the audience pass the time. Rob Crouch presides over the mad goings on as the pompous film director Carl Denham who is assembling a crew to sail who knows where to make a film. He also needs a leading lady. Alix Dunmore, who plays her, has a way with a scream to treasure and is, of course, the only sane and intelligent person on stage. As everybody else Ben Chamberlain, Sam Donnelly and Brendan Murphy rush madly on and off stage, changing character in a flash, manipulate puppets, perform some fine prat falls and deliver the lines as quickly as they can – sometimes to get over having to say them, but mostly because this is quick, rapid fire stuff which, if it is to work, needs to be done without drawing breath. The result is a show for all ages – daft, delightful and occasionally dreadful because one or two of those old jokes are older than Kong.

Jack Driscoll: Ben Chamberlain.
Carl Denham: Rob Crouch.
Skipper: Sam Donnelly.
Ann: Alix Dunmore.
Token Guy/Marv/Larry: Brendan Murphy.

Director: Owen Lewis.
Set & Props Designer: Simon Scullion.
Costume & Props Designer: Sophia Simensky.
Lighting Designer: Tim Mascall.
Sound Designer: Sam Clarkson.


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