KREUZER SONATA: London: To 23 July. 4 Star ****

by Leo Tolstoy, adapted by Nancy Harris.
4Stars ****

The Arcola Theatre to 23 July
24 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London E8 3DL to 23 July

Mon-Sat 7.30pm. Mat Sat 3pm.
Runs 90 mins No interval.

TICKETS: 020 7503 1646.
Review: William Russell 13 July.

Greg Hicks on superb form; something special.
Pozdnyshev is possibly the last man in the world one would wish to meet on a train journey. A middle aged civil servant, he latches on to his companion, in this case the audience, and starts to tell them about his life and a dreadful crime he committed.

Greg Hicks, craggy, gaunt and tense, holds the attention throughout the telling, seeming to fix each of us individually with a glittering beady eye that demands we listen as he discloses an appalling tale of jealousy and sexual passion. His wife, who plays the piano, has become friendly with an old school friend of his, Trukhachevski, a violinist and Pozdnyshev suspects them of having an affair.

Hicks delivers a virtuoso performance backed by pianist Alice Pinto and violinist Phillip Granwell, who play the sonata, or parts of it as Harry Sever has also contributed to what we hear, music he blames for his actions, as the shocking tale unfolds.

Hicks is very good at playing manic roles, but this is really something special. Nancy Harris has adapted the tale skilfully and Hicks rises to the demands of the role brilliantly. John Terry’s production makes for an exhausting, but also a most rewarding, ninety minutes watching an actor at the height of his powers.

Pozdnyshev: Greg Hicks.
Piano: Alice Pinto.
Violin: Phillip Granell.

Director: John Terry.
Designer: Alex Berry.
Composer & Musical Director: Harry Sever.
Lighting Designer: Alexandra Stafford.
Assistant Director: Tatty Hennessy.

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