LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, 4Star****, Birmingham & Touring into August

Birmingham and Touring
LA CAGE AUX FOLLES (Credits below)
4 Star****

Birmingham Hippodrome to 20 May
Tour into August (see below)
Runs: 2h 45m, one interval
Tickets (Hippodrome): 0844 338 5000
Tour Dates and Tickets (Touring into August, additional dates may be added)

Revie: Rod Dungate 16 May 2017, Birmingham Hippodrome



Life can be glamorous when it’s a drag
CAGE, like the best musicals, works on two levels There is the glittering, sequinned, huge-hair world of drag entertainment, glancing back to the heyday of 1950 (but still going strong if you know where to find it.) Then there is the story, an older gay couple from the Cage club, and the future marriage of their son to the daughter of a major bigot. It’s a clever tale carrying a mighty hefty punch, firmly encapsulated in the featured song, I AM WHAT I AM. In the present context of today, the song, and the show, become a celebration of the freedoms now enjoyed, for the most part, by our gay communities – enthusiastically endorsed by the large and diverse Hippodrome audience. In a different context the celebration could just as well become a much-needed call to arms.

For my taste, I would have preferred it if the story had been given a little more prominence so we could engage more with the characters. Other than that this is a gorgeous show; great to look at and inspiring in its emotional pull. Terrific dancing, true to its style, and singing too.

The company is headed up by John Partridge as Albin, the transvestite star of the cabaret. On the surface it looks like a pleasant singing-and-dancing performance. But beneath this is a highly skilled, detailed characterisation. Physically he totally transform to fit each persona, matching the level of comedy to the moment. Vocally he does the sae, travelling towards the moving THE BEST OF TIME, which is a most lovely moment.

Partridge is well partnered by Adrian Smed as Georges; there’s a real, comfortable warmth between them.

Albin John Partridge
Georges Adrian Zmed
Jean-Michele Dougie Carter
Jacob Samson Ajewole
Marie/Madame Renaud Su Douglas
Jacqueline Marti Webb
Anne Alexandra Robinson
Dindon/Renaud Paul F Monaghan
Francis Jon De Ville
Male Swing / Tabarro Luke Byrne
Female Ensemble Jane Quinn
Female Ensemble Rachel Cumino
Cagelle Jordan Livesey
Cagelle Liam Paul Jennings
Cagell Louie-George Daniels
Cagelle Matthew Ives
Cagelle Micah Holmes
Cagelle Richard Leavey
Cagelle Oliver Proudlock-John
Cagelle Brian O’Muiri

Producer Bill Kenwright
Director Martin Connor
Choreographer Bill Deamer
Designer Gary McCann
Lighting Ben Cracknell
Sound Dan Samson
Musical Director Mark Crossland
Music and Lyrics Jerry Herman
Book Harvey Fierstein

2017-05-17 15:15:12

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