Life’s A Drag by Nancy Brabin-Platt. The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, Brockley Road, London SE4 to 19 November 2022. 3***. William Russell.

This one woman show is the latest in the series of short runs being staged at the Jack and proves hugely entertaining if in need of a little attention to the sound as quite a lot of it involves very loud music and commentary by a drag queen seen on a collection of television monitors. It all gets a little overwhelming. Brabin-Platt is Max, a teenager confused about her sexuality, who has an alter ego Drag Diva seen on those screens, confides her problems to the audience. It is an energetic performance which deals with pretty well everything from homophobia to transgender life, most of which is illuminating to say the least. Directed by Lois Brabin-Platt the result is an hour and a few minutes display of undoubted skill – Brabin-Platt has been a drag performer for the last three years – and makes clear that drag is not something for men alone. But something has to be done about the sound. The words are fine, although maybe a little more clarity about Max’s situation would help, and the performance is certainly one that holds the attention right to the end. Life may be a drag but the show is not.

Max: Nancy Brabin-Platt.

Director: Lois Brabin-Platt.

Production phorography: Gas Money Productions.

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