Love Dance by Andy Walker. Chiswick PLayhouse, 2 Bath Road, London W4 to 27 November 2021.. 3***. William Russell

Two handers are tricky to get right but skilful performances from Jacoba Williams and Derek Murphy keep one interested in finding out just how the pair will face up to the fact they were meant for one another. Williams, a doctor, returns from working abroad to find the tenant of her flat, Murphy, a musician doing not very much, is still there. She tries to throw him out. He argues that his lease still has a month to run so he can stay. Of course he does and flat sharing results in their establishing a friendship. She gets less demanding, admits what she wants is a baby but not a husband, and he lets her push him into doing something about selling his music. He also helps her find a donor who has to have a long list of suitable attributes which, of course, it turns out he is the One to possess them. But will they do anything about it?
You can take it from there. Walker has created some nice lines and situations, the rom com plot holds one’s interest given the problem with the genre is that it does tend to have tramlines down which plots must go and the cast rise to the occasion with style. Williams, initially an off putting bossy type, softens nicely and Murphy makes the transition from lazy busker to devoted friend – and, of course, more – beautifully. Director Lesley Manning keeps things moving briskly, essential for a rom com to work, and the resulting sparkling play is worth the trip to Turnham Green – especially as this is a theatre above a rather good pub, The Tabard.
Jacoba Williams
Derek Murphy.
Director Lesley Manning.
Production Photography. Molly Manning Walker..jpeg

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