MIRROR MIRROR: A Snow White Pantomime To 9 January.


MIRROR MIRROR: A Snow White Pantomime
by John Savournin original lyrics & arrangements by David Eaton.

King’s Head theatre 115 Upper Street Islington N1 1QN To 9 January 2016.
Mon–Sun 7 pm.
Adult only performances December 11, 12, 18, 19, 21, 28, 30, 31 Dec,2, 3, 7, 9 Jan 7pm.
Family Mat 12, 13 Dec 3pm.
Mat 19, 21, 28 Dec, January 2, 3, 5, 9 Jan 3pm.
Runs 2hr One interval.

TICKETS: 020 7226 8561.
Review: William Russell 8 December.

The fairest of them all.
John Savournin is back in pantomime, demonstrating yet again that if he is not the greatest pantomime Dame around today he is certainly one of the best.

As usual he has written and directed this latest Charles Court Opera Company pantomime, number eight in the canon, a wickedly funny variation on the story of Snow White.

One would have expected him to play the Queen. Not a bit of it, Long John – he towers head and shoulders over the rest of the cast – has chosen to play Snow White, a statuesque raven-haired beauty with straight hair, a bang and a bosom built to carry books.

It is a deliciously wicked performance, aided and abetted, because this is not a one-man show, by his regular collaborators. The divine Amy J Payne plays Prince Larry, a stout chap in search of a bride with the biggest cod piece outside the Royal Ballet, while Nichola Jolly is his leggy sidekick Harry, whose fate it is to be turned into a frog.

This being about Snow White one has to have seven dwarfs, but that being a little bit beyond the budget we get Matthew Kellett, the man with the big voice and little legs, playing them all – and seven riotous performances result.

The Mirror is voiced by Simon Masterton-Smith, another regular, who is in stentorian form and the Queen, new to me, is Andrea Tweedale. Swathed in slinky black and feathers she does the usual dirty deeds, which include roasting one of the dwarfs alive and turning Ms Jolly into Kermit, with great aplomb.

It is not Snow White who falls into a trance and has to be saved by a kiss, however, but the Prince. The songs have been cleverly chosen, a choir of puppets emerge from bits of the scenery to help things along, there is a pastry-making scene which ends with a custard pie being plonked on a hapless person’s head and lots of audience participation.

But the evening belongs to Savournin, who has mastered the art of audience manipulation quite spectacularly and is a lass unparalleled.

Harry: Nichola Jolley.
The Dwarfs: Matthew Kellett.
The Mirror: Simon Masterton-Smith.
Prince Larry Black: Amy J Payne.
The Queen: Andrea Tweedale.
Snow White: John Savournin.

Director: John Savournin.
Designer: William Fricker.
Lighting: Nicholas Holdridge.
Musical Director: David Eaton.
Choreographer: Damian Czarnecki.
Costume: Mia Wallden.

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