No Time To Die (2021), Dir Cary Joji Fukunaga, Universal Pictures: 5*****: Matthew Alicoon

No Time To Die, *****

Universal Pictures

Running Time: 163 Minutes

Review: Matthew Alicoon, Thursday 30th September 2021

No Time To Die follows James Bond (Daniel Craig) who has left active service and is approached by his CIA friend Felix (Jeffrey Wright) to help find a kidnapped scientist. This hunt leads them down the trail of Safin (Rami Malek).

No Time To Die was originally intended to release in April 2020 but for reasons it was delayed till now. Was it worth the wait? Yes.

What Fukunaga has done here is a masterful directing achievement. It is a breathtaking feat of cinema to watch on the big screen. The action is bigger than before making it jaw-dropping to watch. The stakes are raised so much. The story is so compelling and nail-biting to watch. There were a few unexpected moments in this. The film links back to the predecessors very well by the story, as all loose ends are now tied up. But most importantly it serves as a fantastic final outing for Daniel Craig as Bond.

The performances are top-notch from an all-star ensemble cast. Craig gives his most emotional performance as Bond ever. Léa Seydoux portrays guilt so powerfully. Fiennes was also gripping to watch. Slightly under-utilised in Spectre but here Ralph is superb. Ana De-Armas and Latasha Lynch both showed so much flare when they were on screen. Rami Malek was a terrifying villain with sinister motifs. He nailed the accent. The exchanges Malek had with Bond were incredibly written.

Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack is so beautiful and harmonic in relation to the scenes. The ending is such a moving and touching end to this era of Bond. What a fantastic run Daniel Craig has had. It is a testament though to every individual who works so skilfully in order to bring us these quality films in the first place.

My admiration goes off to the entire team who worked on No Time To Die for making such a beautiful love letter to the franchise whilst also being such a riveting and emotionally charged action film.

Where does it Rank?

1. No Time To Die

2. Skyfall

3. Casino Royale

4. Spectre

5. Quantum of Solace

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