OFF THE WALL. Polka/David Glass.


by David Glass

Polka Theatre and David Glass Ensemble

Runs: 1hr Plus interval and discussion Total: 1hr 45min
Review Hazel Brown 1 March 2002 at Poole Arts Centre

A wonderful piece of theatre, combining acting, video, music and movement.This production – by no means solely for children – is imaginative and innovative theatre that starts from the well spring of modern art. Inspired by sculptures and paintings of artists as diverse as Bacon, Blake, Epstein, Gabo, Kandinsky, Magritte, Millais and Moore, as well as two pieces from The Study Gallery, Poole, and Bournemouth & Poole College of Further Education – Tony Cragg’s Trisome and Anthony Green’s The Red Hat – David Glass and his ensemble have created a work that is both wondrous and thought-provoking.

The recreation of the chosen art works from Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the local galleries, as visual elements in a theatre piece is itself a work of art. We are taken on a video journey through the galleries and then the company lets its imagination run wild and works with the pieces to create magical theatrical moments.

One of the most effective is the piece they devised from Magritte’s Reckless Sleeper. Glass himself ‘sleeps’ high up in a box and elements of his dream weave and dance below – hat, bird, mirror, bow, candle and apple. As part of their Poole visit, the company include two pieces from local galleries, recreated for the stage with wonderful stories woven around them.

Every town with a gallery and theatre should commission this company to come and work with them to introduce both art forms to young audiences. Winchester apart, the only plans are for possible visits to the Uffizi in Florence and a gallery in Montreal. Is there really nowhere else for them to weave their art-into-theatre magic?

David Glass
Jaseph Carey
Ivania Elena
Emily Mytton
Philip Pellew
Sarah Toogood

Director: David Glass
Original Designer: Jamie Vartan
Additional Design: Ruth Finn
Original Music: Matthew Hales
Additional Music: Matthew Hales
Costume Makers: Annie James, Leni Hill
Electrical Prop Maker: Neil Pamment

2002-03-04 03:29:03

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