Once Upon a Time, 4****, London

Once Upon a Snowflake, devised by Paper Balloon

Chelsea Theatre, until 22nd December
The nearest underground stations are Sloane Square and Earl’s Court. The nearest rail station is Imperial Warf.
Approx. 50 Minutes
£12 / £10 Conc. / £9 Under 12’s

Review: Veronica Stein, 12 December, 2017.

A beautiful experience for all ages: visually vivid and utterly imaginative.

If you’re looking for a wonderful piece of short, sweet, and imaginative theatre to enjoy with your children, look no further. Once Upon a Snowflake, playing at The Chelsea Theatre until December 22nd, is a lovely melange of music, puppetry, whodunnits, and much more.

Paper Balloon has crafted an experience for the whole family revolving around two ‘Spriteologists’ who, with the audience’s help, must track down a missing girl who has unfortunately befriended a pesky winter sprite- you know, those little guys that meander among the crumbs in your pockets?

The three performers shine throughout as they play off of each other and utilize their set to the fullest. If there is one star of the production, it is the shadow puppetry, which will surely engage any child, if not visually than definitely in the mystery of the mechanism. Much praise must be lent to Joseph Hardy who deftly maneuvers between various instruments, including his own voice- of course aided by the spectacular music by Darren Clark. Alex Kanefsky and Dorie Kinnear, as the puppeteering Spriteologists, beautifully engage with each other and on many occasions, the audience.

The aesthetic value, in folksy Russian flair, takes children and adults alike away in a flurry of novelty. The accordion, with the rich color of the costumes and the simplicity of the puppetry, creates a truly special ambience. It’s only fitting for a truly special show.

Cast: Dorie Kinnear, Joseph Hardy and Alex Kanefsky
Director: Director Maria Litvinova
Designer:Nomi Everall
Musician/composer/lyricist: Darren Clark
Movement Director: Karl Sullivan
Costumes: Olga and Elena Bekritskaya

2017-12-04 10:01:06

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