Original Theatre double bill from 12 November 2020. Free 4**** feast with added relish. William Russell

The Original Theatre Comany’s first on line play, Watching Rosie by Louise Coulthard, was so successful that it is being re-released along with a new online play Mrs Goldie vs The World written and performed by Nicky Goldie. They are free to view but donations are encouraged in support of Dementia UK for Rosie and Carers Trust for Mrs Goldie. You will find them on OriginalTheatreOnline.com from 12 November 2020 to 26 November 2020.
In these theatre starved days it is another chance to see Miriam Margolis’s terrific performance as Rosie coping with her world which has changed without her realising how. We reveiewed it in September when it was released and gave it 4****.
Coupled with Mrs Goldie, who has a tricky relationship with her carer daughter it adds up a good half hour of fine acting and provides lots to think about – sad but not depressing, more about fighting against the odds.
Photograph of Nicky Goldie: Original Theatre

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