Playfight by Julia Grogan to 8 April 2021. Finborough on line.

Directed by Blache McIntyre Julia Grogan’s play is about sex education and what it leaves out. Kiera, Zainab and Lucy come to the conclusion that something is being omitted and decide it is time to find out. It is free and should provide some stimulating Easter Holiday entertainment from this marvellous fringe theatre. Things may open up for theatres but tiny venues like this still face the problem of social distancing. Large theatres can get by with small scale productions by reducing running costs and other expenses but if you run on a wing and a prayer it is not so easy.
The Finborough is also extending the run of the 4**** Late Night Staring at High Res Pixels until 30 April.
They are on You Tube and while free donations are gratefully received.

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