Popcorn Writing Award 2020 – some 5***** treats available on You Tube. William Russell

The winner of the 2020 Award is Jennifer Lunn for Es and Flo directed by Emma Callander in which Sharon D Clare and Celia Imrie play a lesbian couple who have lived together for 30 years but their relationship has never been acknowledged. Now Es, played by Imrie, is showing signs of dementia. What does the future hold for Flo? Imrie and Clarke are magnificent.
The award was given to new plays that were due to be performed at the cancelled Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Three other finalists are also up there to watch –
Burn by Christ Thomson is a sizzling encounter between a couple mulling over a failed blind date starring Tuppence Middleton and Kit Harrington. He may allegedly be boring and sweaty but he is still eye candy to delight and the public reaction to this one has been startling. She tells him the truth and he fights back.
Daddy by Camilla Whitehead has Rory Bremner as an ageing comedian wrestling with his demons.
Little Miss Burden by Matilda Ibini is a moving coming of age tale about growing up with phsyical impairments performed by Saida Ahmed and Michelle Tiwo.
If you are starved of theatre here are some stunning and immaculately performed pieces to show just what you are missing.

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