PRECIOUS THINGS: Lucy Corbett, till 10 September

My Little Theatre Company
Reviewed at The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham
2nd September 2010: Rod Dungate
Touring till 10 September, 1 hour, no interval

Interesting idea, but at the blue-print stage

Lucy Corbett has a fine seed of an idea for this play – as it says in the flier ‘An artist who loved Hitler, a woman who wants to remember him, a brother who wants to forget . . . ‘ But the play, as it exists at the moment, feels still at blue-print stage, with its true depth needing to be mined.

There are too many generalisations in the script at the moment for it really to work. Ideas such as ‘an exhibition’, ‘loved Hitler’, ‘most important of the decade’, ‘should he really be celebrated’ are not specific enough. The world of the play is insufficiently drawn therefore. And I kept wondering why the brother would come all the way from the US to the UK (with his wife) if he wanted nothing to do with the exhibition.

The real drama of this situation is between the brother and the sister, but there is no real sense of confrontation. This is partly because there’s none written and partly because there’s a lack of emotional connection between performers and characters. The seeds are there – the brother works as a cartoonist in the US for instance – but what were the artist’s painting like, what did he paint, why did Hitler like him so much?

A work in progress then.

Lucy Corbet
Ben Golt
Ashley Hartland
Holly Ward

3 September, The Gateway, Shrewsbury
9 and 10 September, Red Lon Inn, Holyhead Road, Wellington

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